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Ticket #11468 (Roccat Kone XTD USB Mouse not working) created

Fri, 2014-11-14 20:47

As the title states. No sign of life under Haiku. It gets power, but that's it. Powered by rear USB 2 ports.


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Ticket #3455 (cdda does not correctly display unicode characters from CDText info) closed

Fri, 2014-11-14 17:14
no change required:

If it was actually cd-text, should be fixed in hrev48300. If it wasn't, and this was the result of a CDDB query, the correct way to fix is submitting an utf-8 record to freedb. They have started the migration to utf8 some years ago so there is a possibility that it's already done for your CD.

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Ticket #11467 (Some mixed data/audio CDs aren't recognized ("Rayman For Ever")) created

Fri, 2014-11-14 14:20

I tried to read this disk with Haiku, but only the audio tracks are accessible. The session partitioning system fails to get the table of contents, and gives up. Then, both the ISO9660 and CDDA filesystems recognize the disk, but CDDA returns a higher value and "wins". So the data track is not automounted.

Mounting the whole device manually works:

mount -t iso9660 /dev/disk/scsi/0/1/0/raw somedir

The device can be mounted this way as both ISO and CDDA without problems, but I don't think the auto-mount system could be made to do that?

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Ticket #10224 (Changed some dynamic casts to reinterpret casts) closed

Fri, 2014-11-14 02:40
no change required
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Ticket #11466 (Package management: define the install location) created

Fri, 2014-11-14 02:40

Currently, when we install an application through HaikuDepot, the HPKG file, by default, will be installed under /system/packages.
To choose instead /config/packages as install location, we can rely on pkgman, by invoking it as:

pkgman install -H appname

Well, an user may obviously decide where to install applications on his system, even if it were possible through HaikuDepot, but wouldn't be nice/useful, for packagers/coders having the ability to define inside the .PackageInfo file, the default install location? I think, in this regard, about those apps which rely about B_USER_CONFIG_DIRECTORY, B_USER_APPS_DIRECTORY and any other B_USER_* directory. The same consideration would be equal for those apps which is preferable install under /system.

So the proposal of this enhancement is about add something like to .PackageInfo:

install-location {
install-location {

Any thoughts?

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Ticket #11465 (Freetype missing dependencies) created

Fri, 2014-11-14 01:13

hrev48294 x86_gcc2

Welcome to the Haiku shell.

~> pkgman full-sync
Downloading repochecksum-1...
██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ 100%
Finished downloading repochecksum-1.
Validating checksum for Haiku...
Validating checksum for Haiku complete.
Downloading repochecksum-1...
██████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ 100%
Finished downloading repochecksum-1.
Validating checksum for HaikuPorts...
Validating checksum for HaikuPorts complete.
Encountered problems:
problem 1: package freetype_x86_devel-2.5.3-4 requires devel:libpng16_x86>=16.13.0, but none of the providers can be installed

solution 1:

  • allow deinstallation of libpng_x86_devel-1.5.12-4

solution 2:

  • keep freetype_x86_devel-2.5.3-3 from excluded repository

Please select a solution, skip the problem for now or quit.
select [1...2/s/q]:

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Ticket #11464 (Can't update plug-ins using WP Admin area) created

Thu, 2014-11-13 18:56

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Login to your/any Wordpress Site (as an administrator)
  2. Go to the 'Updates' tab in the Dashboard
  3. Select the plug-in to update (notice that the check mark doesn't display correctly, but that's a different bug)
  4. Click on the update button
  5. Notice the screen goes to the login screen instead of the finish updating screen.

Works fine in other OS's and browsers.

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Ticket #11386 (Web+ - Can't click on menys in Transmission 2.82) closed

Thu, 2014-11-13 18:12
no change required
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Ticket #11463 (StyledEdit "Find" only works if the cursor is placed on the top of the ...) created

Thu, 2014-11-13 17:37

I noticed this issue since a long time.
Well: open any text file which contains some text (four lines are enough for this example): eg:

first line
second line
third line
fourth line

then place the text cursor on the end of this file, open the find window of StyledEdit and search for "first": StyledEdit is not able to find the word "first". Instead, if you place the text cursor at the beginning of the file, you will be able to search and find the whole content of the file.

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Ticket #10558 (Haiku goes into reboot loop) closed

Thu, 2014-11-13 08:06

Today I tried booting a nightly on an HP 7700SFF.
Managed to reach the Desktop screen, although it took a couple minutes to get there. I can't remember if it's normal to take this much time when booting from CD.
No reboot loop, though.
The video was corrupted in the end, but this should be another ticket, I guess.

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Ticket #11462 (Network Preferences settings) created

Thu, 2014-11-13 02:19

If I disable the interface, the interface status tab is still showing as "connected", and the replicant is still showing as "ready". In fact, with the device disabled, I can still connect to the interne (see screenshot1)

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Ticket #11461 (Setting network interface state only works for the first interface) created

Wed, 2014-11-12 20:28

I have two Network interfaces: A Wired one (Realtek 8102) and a wireless one (Intel 3945).
The new network preflet seems only to be able to set the state (DHCP/Manual/Off) for the first one.
To reproduce:

  • Disable the wired one (the first in the list) clicking on the interface with the right button and select "disable".
  • Select the wireless one (the second).
  • Click on the IPV4 Tab, and select "DHCP".
  • Hit "Apply".

The first interface will be enabled again and change its status to DHCP.

Categories: Development